About Company

Kickstarting in 1998, we have been serving reputed MNC and Indian clients pan India & overseas, some of them the most reputed in the world. Competent, energetic and reliable, our team caters to sectors like Engineering and Manufacturing, Education, IT, Media, Travel & Hospitality, Banking & Finance, ECommerce, Mining, Real Estate etc. We place at levels like VP,GM, AVP, CFO. At mid level, Managers, Assistant Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Executives and Office Support in departments like Design and EPC, Production, HR, FInance and Accounts, Sales and Marketing, Teaching etc.

Our Services

To Companies
Recruitments, Verification of Credentials of Candidates and existing Employees, Outsourcing Temporary Employees, Induction and Retention Support and Guidance.

To Candidates
Employability Enhancement, CV Preparation, Career Counseling using Skill and Aptitude Assessment, providing suitable Employment Support.

Training students for Employability Enhancement – Guidance on Skills Upgradation, CV Preparation, Preparation for Interviews, Career Planning based on Aptitude Analysis, providing suitable Employment Support.


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